This world, desert of belief

This Music Tab is aimed to help people coming out of the desert of belief which is this world in order to link them through music to Yeshua / Jesus of the Bible. The goal is also to change associations, lay another path (+ neurologically)  and "route" it to to Bible. This will change people`s mind and thinking.
If one wishes to understand Faith in Christ of the Bible, he has to undergo a change of belief and a change of association with certain things / give up wrong routes, wrong crossroads and take the path to salvation. I listened to worship music more or less 6 months, before I repented. I knew, that most of the music is not totally / really Biblical but still, it helped a lot. Christians my criticize this, but on the other hand they often live by Religion and not by Faith or they live by calendar or tradition (in opposition to Galatians 4) and many think, Christmas would be from God, which is not the case. The Gregorian calendar is a false calendar. So, consequently, why should I live by Faith through Religion and Calendar? New Year in Winter? It is not coherent that New Year could be in winter, logically it would be spring, just look at nature. 


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The modern seven-day week: the story of a lie

Christmas - A legacy of Babylon


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False friends

False Friends lead people to addictions and not away from them. If you have a friend, he will tell you to get away from addictions and obsessions. Should he or them try to pull you into using certain "moodlifters", then  he / her / these people are not your friends (or just do not know), but they are as a matter of fact, people, who are addicted and obsessed with "moodlifters" and that is the way they are guided to think out of the ""FOUNTAIN OF MOODLIFTERS" and that will be their works - living by and for  → Moodlifters in general cost money and time, health and mood. Moodlifters are false friends. Moodlifters are enemies of man. They are masqueraded as "your personal help", but no wonder in the world of lies----

2 Corinthians 11:14 New International Version (NIV)

14 And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.


No money, no hope? 

Addictions and obsessions in general cost money. If one smokes, it may cost him approximately 200,00 Euro per month. If one drinks beer regularly, it may cost him another 200,00-300,00 Euro per month. This sums up to 500,00 Euro per month. That could be the lease for an appartment. So, what is the origin, that people do not have enough money? Because they lose if for addictions and obsessions. We have to put into consideration, that people also lose moral, joy for everyday life and health. So, this also figures up in money and in the end it may well be, that the visible costs are 500,00 Euro per month, AND IN ADDITION the invisible cost sums up to let`s estimate 300,00 Euro per month ("do not wanna work" - "cannot work" - "no motivation"), which is already in total almost 10,000 Euro each year. In addition, man lives in sin, which will lead to more sinning, which again costs money. It looks like it would never stop, does it?


No, do not let us start whining. Instead, let us choose joy anyway, because, now we know there is a way out. This is a good message, when eyes are being opened. The other thing → it only is money. Money "floats", does it or not. Be 300 times happy, what will be the follow-up? You could be happy.