Wealth and Happiness

A place in a deck chair on a beautiful sunny day on the beach. This is what our dreams are. We wish warmth, peace, security, a partner, we define such a moment as happiness. We are in search of happiness.

Rich people are characterized by the fact that they do not lie all year in the sun chair. It may be a fruit of their work, but rich people are characterized by doing a lot of work. The first step is the insight "I have to work to achieve something." The rich man goes to work. Before he becomes rich, he does not look solely at the money he will get through it. He also weighs the circumstances. In addition, he does unpaid work, which will later pay off. That's how the rich man thinks.

Whoever has never done that to deal with the idea of being well-off closes a door for himself. Maybe he's just doing too much bad in life that he earns the seed that way / of the things, he does.

To become wealthy, man has to say goodbye to wrong thinking. He seeks the thoughts and words that are from the heart and mind, and then to spend some time dealing with them. It must not be just temporary.

Rich people see the richness of nature. The fullness of a day, they see him in a moment. Rich people are characterized by not seeing problems but opportunities and chances. These lead to growth and they are made to shape the character and nature of man. Rich people do not complain and moan constantly, but they are also able to deal with problems and deal with them.

A rich person does not exploit his environment, but he gives. He is thankful. An employer does not exploit his employee. An employee does not exploit his employer and does not cheat him. Differences are discussed in a conversation, not badly spoken behind the back, but the employee agrees or he discusses with the employer or he is already looking for a new job, if he is convinced that he can handle that, the change in his life to do it himself as a new goal. A rich person does not unnecessarily sit on the pocket of the social system and exploit it but is working for himself. It does not burden society, but it helps to change society from within. He does not constantly complain about the government and points his finger at others. He restraints and waits before he speaks and he always tries to reach peace / seeks peace without compromising too much.


"You have to achieve something to be someone" is a stupid wisdom of the world. "You are nothing, if you have achieved nothing" is a stupid wisdom of the world. It binds man to the world and makes him a slave, a slave to those who have achieved something who have become slaves to those of the world.

Rich people are characterized by the fact that they see and recognize, even what might not be visible now.

Rich people can live with losses, they put it in the category: "experience", which leads to wisdom and stability.

Man seeks prosperity, security and wealth to make life more comfortable. He seeks security and peace. He is looking for a good, social environment. Man dreams a lot in his life, so that his wishes come true. The question is, where does it start, with the human being himself or does he wait for another to begin with it. It is the inner man who has to change.

How to save 

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For man to understand that he can save money, he must first be made aware of the chance that it is possible. Then he looks at the monthly costs and begins to erase unnecessary positions.

An inwardly rich person can live with the fact that he was once cheated. He has no resentment or bitterness, because he can get all the material back. He knows that. He does not have to forgive because forgiveness is also power, but to pardon. A person can not apologize for himself, but he asks for forgiveness.

Men dream of cars, women of bags and gems. Women dream of men who have cars.

The change in sustainability thinking leads people to more awareness and less consumption. People turn away from the search for wealth and luxury because they do not need it because they do not want it or anymore. They seek their own way in other forms of self-realization, spirituality, religion, politics, science, sports, work, hobbies as a profession, more free time, less money, less money to work, more money to work for, .... 

In the world of transience, we may always be experiencing injustice; every human being has certainly come to know once or twice in his life. Injustice is a subjective sensation in relation to what actually.

If through learning, the heart transforms for the better, then man becomes free. When he becomes free from resentment and bitterness and forgives, then man really becomes free. Of past and experienced injustice. It opens a door to him for a new life, in this life. He is not trapped in the past.


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In glossy brochures we see a lot of such pictures, as on this page. They want to arouse a need. Man now has a need. He wants to quench it and there are markets where supply and demand come together. By reviving needs markets arise.

Wealth, wikipedia

Wealth is the abundance of valuable resources or valuable material possessions.

Rich people have a high income, active or passive, and yet they often do not have enough money.

What is the reason.




Your life is about money. It's always about money. If that's so important, why have not I been taught anything about money at school? So much is taught, but at school we are not taught what we need for life. High School teaches mostly things, that I do not need in practical life. That which concerns the everyday life, is not taught at school, it is assumed "the human knows all this already." How is he supposed to know how to handle money? The high school graduate "goes to study". If he does not succeed in his studies, then he is about 25-27 years old and has not completed any training. So what to do then? I want to help through this page those who were misguided by the system. Is it vocation to say "I'm going to study?" When studying, it's mostly about "making more money later". More money than what. Or a more pleasant work, more perspective. Would it not be better to do an apprenticeship after high school and then to study? If he does not succeed in studying, then at least he has a profession. Man has to plan such ways for himself. He must think realistically and make a plan if the venture University fails. He has to get down / he has to step down from the high academic horse, which is just a wish, and he has to weigh the conditions and have a plan for in the event of not reaching the goal.


On this page we offer solutions for any good and failed life plan. For that I have to refer to other literature → the Bible. No matter what it is, there is help and this help should be used by man. "That sounds so nebulous" and soon, it awakens mistrust: "bad world" or it awakens spontaneous joy: "confidence" or it directly awakens "the total euphoria", without knowing what it is: "maybe a little naive and gullible but confident childish naively beautiful". This solution does not cost a lot of money, but it will take a lot of time, for a first inofficial degree I estimate in about 5-7 years. I am now in Year 4 and I had started in 2014/2015. After many years of searching, the Bible is setting me free. Some people will be convinced, others will not. This is absolutely normal.




Bible Definition of Wealth