The question of wealth can not be isolated and considered only "in money". Because that would only lead to materialism. So we have to look at religions, man's spiritual ways of thinking, and philosophy. We also want to briefly answer these questions on this page in order to guide people to the right path. The implementation is then another question, but we have to recognize the framework and orientate ourselves on the basis of it.


To realize wealth, we must first make visible the wealth that is available. What is available and how can we make it available? Man says, "I have one life and therefore I have to get the most out of it." And that creates pressure.


Others think they have several lifes, but these are legends and that way of thinking is not reliable and there is nowhere to confirm that humans have multiple lifes. If it was namely so that people would have several lifes, then you could just say, "Well, then now, this is here the last journey on earth for me" and so now "I go for eternal life" in this one. 


The "having multiple life thinking" leads people, for example in Buddhism or in the Indian realm, where one thinks similarly, in religion. However, people there want to get out of the eternal wheel of time, so they try to do good through religion and so to neutralize "karma". After all, man tries the good and ultimately does not do the good but often the opposite.


And how else should we know exactly what is good and what is bad. We have a conscience and mind, that shows us. We have some guidance as long as man has a "normal conscience" and does not fight it all his life to be able to do evil.


Incidentally, this way of thinking is not valid, that man would come here several times, because he would then have laid rememberance on the way. But I do not know anyone who thinks like this or anyone who is looking for something like that. So this way of thinking can also be ruled out. Let us take away this burden now and therefore, we have to answer a weighty question. We need to initiate a life-prolonging action. We turn to the Bible. We are looking for eternal life. Eternal life is possible immediately.


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