Enslaved under the Yoke, what others think about you + The saving Shore

Man puts a yoke on the other by thinking good or bad about the neighbour. This then leads to compassion, compassion, respect, and respect that man had earlier, but not today.


"Anyone can believe what he wants, as he pleases." The other is then obliged to gain a good reputation, where he thinks the other person might think badly about him. Since this problem can not be solved, it is regulated by laws. All people are equal.


This never leads to a solution of the problem.


"You must prove to me that you are worthy of my favor, as I think about you." That gives the other power. The more other people hes pulls on his side, the more power he gets. Whether that's all right, is open.


This problem is unsolvable. What does man do, he moves away from his environment and seeks a new one. There he can start a new life. There are no such prejudice.


That too will never lead to a solution.


The problem is, man does not know the truth that he is a sinner and needs forgiveness of sins. If it were said that "we are all sinners and we all need salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ," then the situation in the world would change abruptly.


Then, time of humanism is over. Then everyone sees for himself that he is a sinner, lost and without hope. This is the proof that every man needs salvation through the cross of Jesus Christ, forgiveness of sins.